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Regulator WoW Rc 30/40 A


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Poszukaj w sieci instrukcji programowania do tego regulatora. Albo w sklepie, gdzie kupowałeś, albo na zagranicznych forach. To jest to samo, co Tower Pro. Można go programować też za pomocą karty.



Spróbuj w poniższy sposób, może zadziała (przynajmniej podstawowe ustawienia):


Remove prop from motor if fitted

Connect speed controller to motor and receiver

Disconnect battery from speed controller

Move throttle stick on your transmitter to full throttle

Reconnect battery to speed controller


After three seconds you will hear sound patters (Each one repeated three times)

These sounds represent programmable functions-


= CELL Type and Number


=== TIMING Mode

==== VOLTAGE protection


When you hear the sound pattern relating to the function you wish to programme move the throttle to the MIDDLE position


The ESC will then emit sounds again in groups of three in the following order-


CELL Type and Number

+ NiMh/Nicad/Auto

++ 2 LiPo 7.4v

+++ 3 LiPo 11.1v

++++ 4 LiPo 14.8v


+ Off

++ Soft

+++ Medium

++++ Hard


+ 2 degrees

++ 7 degrees

+++ 15 degrees

++++ 30 degrees


+ 2.8v/Cell

++ 2.9v/Cell

+++ 3.0v/Cell

NB: 10C and higher suggest 3.0v

When you hear the pattern sound for the function you require move the throttle to the UP position

A long BEEP will be heard confirming the option has been saved

The system will then revet back to the programming mode for the next option


When all functions have been selected move throttle to the DOWN position

The system will save all selections after one second and the unit will then be ready for use.

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