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opis ze strony producenta:


For years, we were asked our theory on higher oil contents for breaking in an engine. Ever since we have been blending Byron Fuel, we have used nothing other than our Premium Sport Fuels (16% Oil Content, 80:20 synthetic to castor ratio) for break-in and we have always had successful break-in periods and longer than average engine life. However, we recognized that some wanted to use a higher oil content during break-in and, rather than buy a gallon of Byron Traditional with 20% oil content, they wanted to mix only the amount they would need for break-in. After a few years of telling modelers to try to locate a castor oil to add to our fuel for break-in but to avoid a standard castor that would carry with it all the negative traits of carbon and varnishing, we decided that the best option here was to package our very own proprietary degummed castor in small amounts so modelers could add only the best to their fuels during break-in.

Lube Booster is sold in 12 ounce bottles and has become popular with modelers, not only for formulating their own custom break-in blends, but for adding to our competitors fuels to bring their lubricating qualities up a little closer to those of Byron Fuels. (Of course it is our hopes that these modelers just treat the competitors’ fuel until their present supply is gone and then buy Byron Fuel with not only the superior lubricants, but the proper ratios of each along with the finest methanol and nitromethane.) If you know the percentage of oil in the fuel you are treating, you can simply follow the bottle instructions for the number of ounces of Byron Lube Booster to add to bring your fuel up to a certain total oil percentage content.

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I przy okazji należałoby dodać że im mniejszą ilość się kupuje tym więcej sie płaci,tak wiec gdyby tą rycyne sprzedawali w opakowaniach rzeczywiście litorwych a nie 355ml,koszt raczej na pewno nie wyniósł by aż 101zł.Aczkolwiek dlaczego dobrej jakości odgumiona rycyna miałaby być tania?No chyba że ta taka nie jest.

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A rycyna w aptece jest zła zanieczyszczona że taka tania?


Zawiera wodę i nie jest odgumiona.


dlaczego dobrej jakości odgumiona rycyna miałaby być tania?


Najwyzszej jakości olej rycynowo-estrowy Silkolene Castorene R40 kosztuje ok 30zł/l.



Popularny ale dobry modeltechnics kosztuje 31zł/l


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