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  1. Hi, yes I agree. it is a little advertisement, but maybe interesting for someone. If it goes against rules of this forum, please admin to delete this and I do appologize.
  2. Hi guys, I want to introduce our new aerobatic model for this season - Revolto 265. Motor: 120cc (RCGF 120 in my first prototype) Wingspan and lenght: 2,65m Weight: 13 kg Plane has full composite fuselage and rudder, wings and elevator is wooden classic construction. This forst prototype has few flights, but flies very well. Ordering kits or ARF is possible at badan.cz Find Revolto 265 on youtube or see FB.
  3. One Vertigo 3M ARF is here for sale- just before applying stickers and finishing. Covered with Ceconite and painted. Wings Oracover. Free stickers Price 1300 Eur.
  4. one of las flying events with Jan Spatny and his Vertigo 2M ..
  5. Hi guys. and this will be our new graphic scheme for Vertigo 2M and 3M 2017 .. how do you like it?
  6. Hi, in these days we finished our yellow Vertigo 2M (2,25 m wingspan) with little design change for 2016 season. Do you like it? http://www.badan.cz/kategorie/stavebnice/vertigo-2m/
  7. Hello, some actual videos with Vertigo finally added here http://www.badan.cz/category/kits/vertigo-3m/
  8. Hello, what will you say to this new 2013 model Vertigo 3M? I have added to my offer among other kits. I will ad some video soon, because it´s very well flying bird .. http://www.badan.cz/...its/vertigo-3m/
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