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Zmierz swoją prędkość z rcspeedo


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Na Google play jest taka aplikacja. Nazywa się rcspeedo.

Aplikacja wykorzystując efekt Dopplera pozwala zmierzyć prędkość przelatującego modelu.

Bardzo fajna aplikacja.

Przestawiam efekt moich zabaw z tą aplikacją na telefonie z androidem

Poniżej link do strony producenta. Jest też na niej wersja na komputery PC 32bit i 64bit, które obrabiają plik wav i podają prędkość.


Do działania aplikacji na PC potrzebna jest java ściągnięta z oracle: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html

Trzeba wybrać wersję JRE.

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Entries for 29 wrz 2014








przelatywałem nad telefonem , jakieś 2 metry, za każdym razem na pełnym gazie w locie poziomym  profilowym f-22 z emaxem 2205, na 3s, smigło 8x4 

 Jak wyczytałem w instrukcji, im wyższa czestotliwość ( czyli ilość łopat w śmigle) , tym błąd pomiaru mniejszy, tu chyba było na granicy użyteczności wogóle. Przy 8x6 SF  nie mierzyło nic.

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Są jeszcze tryby fastpass i większe niż 160MPH, ale one mogą mieć większenie dokładnośći, bo mi czasem pokazywało ponad 200km/h :)


Skopiuję pomocny Faq ze strony


My plane meets the specifications above but RCSpeedo still doesnt detect it!
Even with the correct plane, RCSpeedo depends on the right conditions to work properly. The following are some things you can try to get some speed detections:

  • Too much ambient noise (talking, other planes, music, wind) will make it very difficult for RCSpeedo to get a detection.
  • Speed passes must be made at a relatively low altitude, relatively nearby the pilot. If you cannot distinctly hear the plane change it's noise as it passes by you, chances are that RCSpeedo cannot either and will not detect your speed. For faster planes (>100MPH), it is actually recommended that you make the pass further out from you as at close range the doppler shift occurs too fast for RCSpeedo to detect.
  • Your speed passes need to have a distinct approach and departure time so that RCSpeedo can detect and follow your plane. What this means is that you need to line up your pass from one side of the field so that you are flying straight at yourself at full speed for at least 2 seconds before you make the pass, and you must continue holding full speed for another second after you have made the pass.

If you think you meet these constraints and you are still not getting detections, please make a post in the discussion thread for the app here or e-mail me at rcspeedo@vesmarentertainment.com. Please have a video or sound clip of your plane on hand so I can figure out what is going on. I'd like to remind you that RCSpeedo doesn't use magic to make it's speed detections. Please don't make requests for RCSpeedo to do things it cannot do by the laws of the physics :)

How accurate is RCSpeedo?
This depends on many factors, the most important of which are how much ambient noise there is (less is better), the speed your plane is flying, the RPM your prop/impeller spins (higher is better), and how you make your passes (straight and level yields the best results), and how accurate the temperature reading you're using is. Generally speaking, clever folks in the RC industry have determined that the doppler method, when used correctly, is as accurate as most consumer radar guns. In development, I calibrated RCSpeedo to the doppler method promoted by these enthusiasts and in my experience, the program has never generated an accurate reading with an error of over +/-3 MPH for the 0-100MPH speed range, or +/-5MPH for the 100-200MPH range. Please note that occasionally RCSpeedo may make inaccurate speed detections (for instance, due to a pilot throttling down immediately following a pass), and these should be disregarded. If you have a 50MPH plane and RCSpeedo says it's going 120MPH, RCSpeedo is wrong and you should make another pass! I'd like to note that those constraints of +/-3MPH and +/-5MPH are WORST case and on average RCSpeedo is within 1MPH of your speed! If you want to get an accurate idea of how fast your plane goes, my best advice to you is to get multiple passes and get the average!


What are the different modes and which one should I use?
The different modes configure the app to better detect the speeds of "special" aircraft. If you are having trouble getting RC Speedo to detect the speeds of your plane, you may want to try some of the modes besides 'default':

  • Default Mode - The standard mode that should detect most speeds. It also has the lowest probability of reporting "bad speeds", which sometimes will occur when you blip the throttle or more than one plane are in the air.
  • 100MPH+ Mode - This mode better detects high speed planes, but will not detect passes under 100MPH at all.
  • Fast Pass Mode - This mode is for making passes with limited airspace, where you will not have the full ~2 seconds of full throttle required on approach. This mode will pick up significantly more "bad speeds".
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